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My name is Lykke and I am a spiritual mentor and sound healer located in Copenhagen, Denmark.
I do personal 1:1 sessions both in my home in Søborg and in Copenhagen. I also do individual sessions on both Skype and Facetime.

Lykke clairvoyance - 1:1 session

BECOME ALIVE – I see your light and even if you cannot see it yourself I know how to turn it on so it can shine bright.

KNOW YOUR OWN STRENGHT – I promise to see you for who you really are and to freely pass on all messages. Sometimes we are so much stronger than we know.

UNDERSTAND WHO YOU ARE AND HOW IMPORTANT YOU ARE – Lovingly I will pass on words to your inner self – you are very unique and this uniqueness needs to come forth.

I show you your light and give you the tools to make it shine and live exactly the life you have been put on earth to live.

The truth is in you and the solution to your problems is within yourself.

If you need support to live the life you really want – then you have come to the right place. Know that I fully engage myself during the session. I am no fortune teller but I promise to pass on all messages that come to me. You can be sure that I share the wisdom I have because together we are stronger. Your light is my light too.

If you have something specific you want to focus on you are of course more than welcome to ask questions. There is always room for a session to develop in all kind of directions.

If you have any questions please find contact informations to the right. 

Prices and payment options

One session is 1 hour and cost 1050 DKR / 165 USD / 145 Euro

You can also choose a 15 min session on phone: 275 DKR / 45 USD / 38 Euro

One question one card: 150 DKR / 25 USD / 22 Euro
Send me a question and I draw from a deck of angel cards and interpret the meaning for you.

Payment options:

  • MobilePay: 26722

  • PayPal: Email: lykkeemilie@gmail.com

  • IBAN: DK1520008981223137

  • Swift: NDEADDKKK

Lykke Emilie - Information in english

Contact Lykke Emilie

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me using the form below.
You can also write me an email on lykkeemilie@gmail.com or on messenger via Facebook. 

You can read more about me on my facebook-page. 

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